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Molecular Testing Services UK

molecular testing service C-Labs provide a comprehensive range of molecular tests for disease diagnosis, prognosis and identification of renal and stem cell transplant donors. The Molecular Services encompass laboratory areas specialising in:-

Histocompatibility & Immunogenetics for tissue typing in renal & stem cell transplant programmes as well as disease association studies.

The Molecular Microbiology section has an expanding repertoire of available tests for viruses and bacteria, using both commercial and in-house assays. The section also performs a wide range of standard serological tests.

The Molecular Biology section performs test for Haematopathology (maligancy diagnosis and monitoring through treatment as well as inherited thrombophilia mutations) and disease prognosis testing in Neuropathology.

Customers: Molecular Services at Derriford Hospital provide tests to NHS Hospital Trusts and practitioner services within the Peninsula as well as private health care groups and other private health service providers. We offer our services nationally through transplant services and through international genetic webportals.

Molecular Biology Tests

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