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Blood Bank Receive Clinical Team of the Year Award
9th June 2014

Blood Bank staff were named the Clinical Team of the Year at a Trust Celebration Event on Friday 6th June at the Plymouth Pavilions.

Blood Bank Team Receive Award

The citation praised their ability to support so many specialist teams (often at the same time!) and their careful use of blood – a precious resource. They have coped with increasing regulation and inspection. You would be surprised to see how small the Blood Bank is considering its major contribution to support clinical teams – there are often only 20 units of blood in the holding fridge.

Many of the clinical teams wrote supporting the nomination.

All the Blood bank staff are delighted with the recognition and praise submitted by clinicians throughout the Trust. It is often the case that people forget the important role that all staff in Pathology have, in directly helping patients receive the correct care in a timely manner.

Written by Professor Adrian Copplestone

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