Combined Laboratories Pathology Testing Services UK


Combined Laboratories Derriford Hospital aims to meet all your pathology blood testing and diagnostic needs.

We offer a comprehensive range of specialist blood testing services in the UK, supporting the needs of NHS hospitals, Primary Care Trusts, GP practices and private hospitals.

The laboratories are located in NHS Derriford hospital and handles over 2,500 blood test requests daily, making us one of the largest pathology testing services in the UK.

We aim to provide a quality assured up to date, high quality, cost effective, diagnostic and therapeutic pathology service to our customers.

Commercial Services

We carry out blood tests and analysis on a commercial basis for a range of organisations and businesses. Contact us for more information.

Lab News Update

  • Blood Bank Receive Clinical Team of the Year Award

  • The Combined Laboratories at Derriford Hospital are pleased to announce that their Clinical Pathology Accreditation has been retained.


  Biochemistry tests

The Clinical Biochemistry test services includes faecal calprotectin, BNP, AMH, 25-OH vitamin D and immunosuppressive drugs.

  Haematology tests

Haematology tests include diagnosis & monitoring of conditions as diverse as anaemia, leukaemia, glandular fever and haemoglobinopathies analysing 1500+ blood count samples daily.

  Molecular biology tests

molecular biology tests
Molecular biology tests include range of tests in the diagnosis and monitoring of disease progression in patients with haematological malignancies as well as some genotyping tests.

  Immunology tests

immunology tests
Immunology diagnostic tests include immunochemistry, autoantibodies, celluar immunology and allergy tests. The lab can provide tissue typing services for renal and stem cell transplants.