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We analyse approximately 1,500 full blood count samples daily using a state of the art, fully automated blood tracking and analysis system.

The Haematology department provides a diagnosis and monitoring of blood samples. Conditions as diverse as anaemia, leukaemia, glandular fever and haemoglobinopathies are monitored.

Customers Blood tests are provided by the Haematology Service at Derriford to NHS Hospital Trusts, Practioner services and organisations across the UK.

Leading Technology The laboratory is equipped with 3 sysmex XE analysers which are attached to a fully automated tracking system.

Test Turn around times For the majority of tests the result is available the same day, often within an hour or two of receipt of the specimen.

Some investigations are carried out less frequently, e.g.weekly. Due to the complex nature of these investigations results may sometimes not be available for several weeks.

Test Enquiries

haematology tests

For Haematology test enquiries contact us for more information and prices.

T: 01752 792 392

Quality Assurance

CPA Accreditation : Accredited

CPA Ref. No. : 055

Haematology Tests

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