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coagulation tests The coagulation department provides a wide range of diagnostic tests for both thrombotic and haemostatic disorders.

The department can also offer anticoagulant monitoring for low molecular weight, unfractionated heparins and Fondaparinux.

Technology The department currently employs Stago haemostasis analysers for routine and specialised testing, a PFA-100 for platelet function screening and a PAP platelet aggregometer.

A thrombinoscope for calibrated automated thrombin generation assay has recently been added to the department’s repertoire.

Research The department has been involved in research using the Calibrated Automated Thrombinoscope® in various clinical settings including acquired haemophilia, low molecular weight therapy in ante natal patients, and in other haemostatic settings where traditional coagulation tests fail to meet clinical utility.

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coagulation tests

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CPA Accreditation : Accredited

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Coagulation Tests

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